Actor Ingmar

Ingmar Sauer is always ready for action, curious and playful. Cast Ingmar Sauer if you need a passionate, positive,  serious working film actor & creative team player ready to share his talents, experience and energy.

Ingmar Sauer is working non-stop to develop his performance on any level e.g. physical, language and skills in life to experience depth and skies on the screen. Ready to use skills are film acting, dancing (, driving cars and motors, board- & extreme sports, martial arts and stunts. Don’t hesitate to contact Ingmar Sauer to develop even more skills for your production, because Ingmar Sauer will use and train the skills necessary to create extra impact on the screen!

  • Olanzapine & Tilburgman

    OLANZAPINE: episode one

    OLANZAPINE a W2 & Dancers film by William Lu made for 48 Hour Film Project 2013. All dancers cast & crew.

  • Op de Tuin

    Op de Tuin

    OP DE TUIN a BIG CHICKEN film by Edgar Kapp made for 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam 2014. Received award for Best use of prop (moving box), 2nd place audience award (within film group) and 5 nominations.

  • Showreel Still

    Showreel actor Ingmar Sauer

    Showreel actor Ingmar Sauer gives an impression. Don't hesitate to contact Ingmar Sauer for most recent work for your casting.

  • Ingmar Sauer

    Casting photos Ingmar Sauer

    Casting photos of Ingmar Sauer give an impression. Don't hesitate to contact Ingmar Sauer for specific casting photos and more information you need from Ingmar Sauer for your casting.